Meet the Team

The products and services that Webscope create are only possible because of our experienced, motivated, and professional team. We're friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate about helping people.

Read on to get to know us better.

Tim Clark /// Creative Director

Tim oversees creative direction at Webscope. He guides the team with a focus on problem solving rather than simple aesthetics and has a shrewd eye for the business opportunities within a project. Tim loves to be able to take a business's highest priority goals and see how digital technology can help achieve that vision. In his spare time you'll find Tim riding and racing bicycles.

Katie Graham /// Technical Director

Katie leads the development team, maintaining the high standards Webscope has become known for. Having worked as a developer for over twelve years, Katie brings first-class knowledge to the technical side of the business always ensuring digital solutions are designed and built using the latest best practices. 

Phil Vinall /// Digital Strategist

As a web strategist and design thinker, Phil has helped a multitude of start ups, government agencies and corporate clients find their place online and launch successful products. He loves to find unexplored areas of innovation within a business and show how a digital solution can rapidly improve sales, profits, productivity and customer success. 

Tom Rishworth /// Designer & Frontend Developer

Tom is a designer and a front-end developer, and as such has a sharp eye for detail and the ability to quickly iterate and explore design concepts in the browser.  Tom takes Webscope projects from initial Sketches/UX/Wireframing through to High Fidelity Mockups and then HTML & CSS.  

Greg Shaw /// Engineer

Greg’s role at Webscope is to architect and engineer effective, scalable, and reliable digital solutions for our clients. This includes designing and managing the technical delivery of projects and ensuring development best practices are followed. His expertise in turning difficult business processes and requirements into elegant, useful, and usable products helps to drive real improvements for many of our clients.

Simon Chisnall /// Drupal Developer

Simon is a Otago Computer Science graduate. Web programming became his first love and he jumped into the contracting sphere working between the UK and Australia with large organisations such as the BBC. He now brings his wealth of 10 years plus experience to his role in Webscope as a full stack Drupal developer and project manager.

Bridie Bradley /// Front-end Developer

With close to 10 years of web experience on the global stage, Bridie joins the Webscope team with an impressive skillset and travel log. She brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to her role as a Front End Web Developer, having worked with clients such as YMCA, World Renew and the University of British Columbia. As a Web Developer, Bridie loves turning designs into innovative, responsive and stunning works of digital art.

Tomislav Jelisijevic /// Backend Developer

Tomislav is a full stack developer originally from a small city in Southern Serbia called Uzice. He joins Webscope to not only be part of the backend dev team but to also help keep our development output at the highest level by running our code testing. Other than writing code Tomislav is a keen player of chess and Texas Holdem.

Ryan Church /// Project Manager

Ryan joins Webscope to help manage our projects from the initial ideas to the completed digital products. With previous experience in customer relations and a keen interest in digital technology he is a perfect fit for being the voice of Webscope to a lot of our clients. When he’s not at the office Ryan may be seen on stage at a local theatre production!

Catherine Cao /// Front-end Developer

Catherine is a front-end developer with a motion graphics design and animation background, and over 7 years’ experience working in the advertising industry, both in New Zealand and China. She has found herself home at Webscope where she is excited to using her web development skills to deliver clean efficient HTML & CSS and continue to evolve her toolkit within the full-house web developer team. Outside the office you would probably catch her dancing the night away, training, or performing in the vibrant local Latin dance scene.

Eze Rodriguez /// Developer

From Argentina in South America, Eze is a Full Stack Developer with more than 7 years of experience in Medium to Large sized applications. Eze came to NZ in 2014 and after a few years here working in an agency and in the NZ startup world he joined Webscope.

Thomas Hartill /// Developer

Thomas joined Webscope after graduating with a degree in Computer Science from The University of Auckland. As a fast learner who likes a challenge, he brings a keen eye and dedicated mind to any project he works on. Off the clock, Thomas is a computer systems enthusiast with a passion for Linux and open source software.

Arsalan Ellahi /// Senior Developer

Arsalan brought his diverse knowledge and experience in complex enterprise systems to Webscope. He believes, practices and advocates strategic and pragmatic Software Architecture and Design, putting effort in the right areas of the solution and delivering cost effective yet affordable Software without over engineering or compromising, scalability and maintainability. Besides work, he's always up for a hike.

Andrew Burden /// Front-end Engineer

Andrew is a front-end engineer with a passion for software development and constant learning. His computer science and commercial desktop application background brings a variety of useful skills to the team. Outside the office he coaches children's football and picks heavy objects off the ground and puts them down again.

Morten Kjelstrup /// Project Manager

Morten has a background in Project Management from previous roles in NZ and his home country Denmark. In his previous roles he has been working in Agile environments as a Scrum Master, and keeps using those skills here at Webscope.

David Sadrinas /// Full Stack Developer

David is an Argentinian who came to New Zealand and joined Webscope in 2018. He has experience in different programming languages as a full stack developer in startups and various large projects. David is always trying to learn different new things in software development and in life, and making new friends along the way. Outside of the office, he likes playing football and travelling around the beautiful nature of Auckland.

Andy Karwal /// Full Stack Developer

Andy is a full-stack Software Engineer who joined Webscope in 2018. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Auckland University of Technology, and in his previous roles he has gained a lot of experience in building concrete software architectures. Andy is passionate about all aspects of computer science and HCI. In his spare time he likes to research cryptocurrencies, AI and read books.

Cassie Yang /// Full Stack Developer

Cassie loves travelling and cat stuff. After getting her master degree in computer science, she started her IT career from website development to software development for the last few years. As a full stack developer, she has been working with websites, e-commerce, SaaS in her pervious roles. After work, she loves to play video games at home.


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