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Transforming Hire Plants with Business-Centred Delivery

Business-Centred Delivery ensures that when you approach a development company for digital work, the final digital product delivered aligns closely with the goals of the business, creates a measurable improvement, and provides a genuine return on investment.

Recently we used Business Centred Delivery to build and design a custom CRM and workflow tool to help transform the service based company, Hire Plants.

Here’s how we did it:

Hire Plants are an industry leading business providing high quality plants for long or short term...Read more


Webscope selected for the NZ Government Web Services Panel

We are pleased to say that Webscope has been selected for the All-of-Government Web Services Panel.

What is the Web Services panel?

The Web Services Panel is an all-of-government approved panel for developing websites and applications. It currently consists of 81 New Zealand suppliers across 11 categories.

The panel allows government organisations to effectively skip a lengthy procurement process as due diligence has already been conducted on each...Read more


Transforming the Towing Industry with Asset One

Human-centred design is about creating a product that solves an immediate need for the user while also creating a positive experience that feels custom made for them. We used Human-Centred design to create a beautiful platform to transform two businesses in the towing industry.

Here's how we did it:

A towing business is a hugely complex operation that we as the general public only see a small portion of. Most of us have seen a tow truck towing a car away and some of us have been to a tow yard to pick up our car....Read more


The Four Cornerstones to our Success

The consistent successful deliveries of our projects don’t come via chance, hope or luck. We’d like to say that we are just naturally gifted developers, designers, strategists with the midas touch but that too would be taking away from something more meaningful.

Because it is through an understanding of what makes a delivery successful - not just in the product itself but in the real world the use of it, that we have been able to lay the groundwork for the success in all our future projects.

And it is working.

Our deliveries...Read more


How we would improve AGM's

The usual format for an AGM goes something like this:

In the first 15 to 30 minutes introductory remarks are made by the Chairman and the CEO focused on the upcoming financial year and operating results of the previous financial year. Each item on the agenda will then be considered, discussed with shareholders and voted on by a show of hands or a poll. After the meeting commences, the mingling begins over tea, coffee, cakes and sausage rolls. Generally by the time the sausage rolls and cakes come out most of the shareholders have already quickly made for the exits.

The...Read more


Why your business needs to find its digital advantage

The specialist sprinters in the Tour de France will hit speeds of up to 65km/h in the final hundred meters to the finish. It’s an exhilarating experience watching them shoot around the corner and onto the home stretch, lifting themselves off the seat, elbowing their way to the front and hurtling towards the line.

It’s interesting to know that the cyclist who crosses the line first is not necessarily the fastest but the one who had the best advantage heading into the sprint. The advantage comes with three kilometers to go. Here the teammates of each sprinter form...Read more


Introducing The Innovation Business

At Webscope we pride ourselves on our strategy work. It is what we’re good at and a service we provide to all our clients. Part of our messaging is that a business should always be looking to improve and innovate - whether they are a market leader or a newly established company. And that includes us, as innovation is not just confined to our clients but also a strategy we conduct on ourselves.

It’s a growing theme in NZ that software companies provide clients with digital development as well as digital strategy services. Although this is a useful combination, it...Read more


Agile Delivery: The delivery method all development companies should follow.

An artist begins with a blank canvas, a musician with an acoustic guitar slung in hand and a writer with an empty notebook. They all have a basic idea, an inspiration they want to convey in their chosen medium. So they begin to sketch it out, strum through the chords, write down a simple plot structure until a basic outline is completed; the songwriter's demo, the artist’s finalised outline and the writer’s treatment.

If we were to look at this process through the lens of a software company we would call this part of the development the MVP (The Minimum Viable...Read more


Business Centred Delivery - Why it is so important in the digital development process

What is Business Centred Delivery? Business-Centred Delivery ensures that when you approach a development company for digital work, the final digital product delivered aligns closely with the goals of the business, creates a measurable improvement, and provides a genuine return on investment. 1. Goals of the business:

Defining a business goal is essential for both the client and the developer to understand where the business is now and where it wants to be in X amount of time. Once the goals are established, business research is undertaken by the development company to get a better...Read more

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