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Introducing The Innovation Business

At Webscope we pride ourselves on our strategy work. It is what we’re good at and a service we provide to all our clients. Part of our messaging is that a business should always be looking to improve...

How to Spend Less on a Web Project

Ideas are cheap. As a business owner, your ideas cost you nothing but the time you spend thinking about them on your commute to work. While they are still in your head, these business ideas seem easy...

The Real Cost of a Web Project

The most common question we get asked in our industry is “ how much will my project cost? ”. It’s a natural question. Every day people use a dollar figure to qualify their buying decision. Our brains...

Build your website on goals not features

Building a website based on features alone stifles innovation and can dilute business objectives. Learn to focus on the 'why' not the 'how' and build your website based on goals.

Avoiding fainting goats

Undertaking a sizable web project is a big commitment in terms of time, money, and emotional investment. Here are four key questions to ask a web development company before you hire them.

Is that a dictionary in your pocket or a responsive website?

If your website isn’t responsive you’re throwing away valuable customers like yesterday’s newspaper. Even if it is mobile friendly, are you really looking after your visitors? Read on for some frank advice about your responsive website.