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Google Cardboard, Drupal & Docker, and Ethereum

The two pairs of the Knox V2 Google Cardboard we’d ordered had arrived in the office in time for Webscope Labs, so we thought it would be fun to have a play and see what we could do in terms of...

Robust Hybrid App Development Practices

Automated testing and continuous integration are important pieces of an efficient, dependable agile software development workflow. Building an application without a robust test suite is like building...

Fancy a Coffee?

Meeting for a coffee has been the starting point of many of the world's greatest ideas. Originating in England during the 17th and 18th centuries, coffee houses were places where people would meet...

Learnings from Webstock 2016

Last week I travelled down to Wellington to attend the 10th Webstock. Webstock is a celebration of the web and it’s makers, featuring industry leaders delivering TED talk quality presentations. The...

New functionality in the latest Cric Counter release

The focus of our most recent Webscope Labs day was adding new functionality to our iOS and Android app, Cric Counter. The main piece of functionality we added was the ability to save innings, which is as easy as clicking the Save Innings button and entering a name.

How to Spend Less on a Web Project

Ideas are cheap. As a business owner, your ideas cost you nothing but the time you spend thinking about them on your commute to work. While they are still in your head, these business ideas seem easy...

The Real Cost of a Web Project

The most common question we get asked in our industry is “ how much will my project cost? ”. It’s a natural question. Every day people use a dollar figure to qualify their buying decision. Our brains...

44th on the Deloittes Fast 50

Webscope achieved a very pleasing milestone, making it onto the Deloitte NZ Fast 50 index . It’s a voluntary list of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand and has been running for 15 years...