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Optimising local development

Here at Webscope we pay a great deal of attention to our development process. We are working hard to make it as smooth and efficient as possible. We find that developing locally, as opposed to remotely, provides greater benefits. In this post we'll talk about streamlining our local development with Vagrant and Ansible.

Avoiding fainting goats

Undertaking a sizable web project is a big commitment in terms of time, money, and emotional investment. Here are four key questions to ask a web development company before you hire them.

Optimising your Front End Development

Learn about the useful tools & libraries that have helped us speed up and optimise our frontend development workflow. These include Bootstrap, Sass, Grunt, and a few more.

Is that a dictionary in your pocket or a responsive website?

If your website isn’t responsive you’re throwing away valuable customers like yesterday’s newspaper. Even if it is mobile friendly, are you really looking after your visitors? Read on for some frank advice about your responsive website.

Why Drupal

When our projects require a flexible and reliable Content Management System that's easy for our clients to use we turn to Drupal. Find out why millions of websites worldwide do the same.

The Benefits of Continuous Integration

Continuous integration as a standard on all our builds is something that has been in place at Webscope for some time now. We’re all technologists at Webscope and we’re constantly striving to maintain our reputation as the best Drupal web shop in Auckland.

Reading this blog post on touch typing could change your life

I really wanted to write a blog post that appealed to a wide number of users. I don't think anything has been more useful to my career than the ability to touch type, it's the kind of thing I wish everyone could do because I know they would be as grateful about it as I am.

It's a culture thing!

Company culture is a funny thing and hard to define in simple terms. It pervades all aspects of the company, from how you engage with clients to how you communicate day to day with each other - there's no getting away from it. Bad company culture can be toxic and on the other side of the coin, a good company culture will attract the best people.

Using Font Awesome icons in CSS

FontAwesome has become our go to font icon for most projects these days. Its extremely easy to use and has a great range of fonts which are constantly being added to.