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“What we found was that Webscope spent a lot of time up front to really get a feel for the business, what we were actually trying to achieve and then delivered that back to us prior to any work being commenced. Webscope deliver websites, however they are more about understanding how to communicate your “Why” and develop your brand and execute to customers.” Jonathan Engle
Software of Excellence (SOE) develop dental practice management and imaging software that enables dentists to focus on providing the best possible dental experience for their patients - without having to worry about the day to day management of their practice. We worked with SOE to create a multi-regional, responsive site to showcase their software to the world.

Human-Centered Design

Software of Excellence wanted to provide the best experience possible for their customers depending on where they were visiting the site from. This was done through a complete redesign of the website to improve the customer experience and increase conversion channels by delivering relevant content depending on the region selected.

Business-Centered Delivery

We worked with SOE to create an innovative customer support portal for users of their product to interact with instead of direct calling. This allowed SOE to make huge efficiency gains as a global organisation, reducing pressures on their support team and servicing dental surgeries worldwide from one source. What started out as a New Zealand focussed solution has now been rolled out internationally by SOE due to the immediate results they achieved.

Services provided

  • Website design
  • Responsive design
  • Website development
  • Source control
  • Analytics setup
  • Goal tracking
  • Security updates
  • Multi-region setup

Tools used

  • Drupal
  • Bootstrap

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