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Our agile approach took this innovative sales pipeline application from a paper napkin concept to an enterprise-level tool, all within a clearly defined roadmap and budget. The result - a rock-solid service that is attracting key investors and onboarding large corporate clients.

Project business goals

  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Expenditure
  • Protect Market Share
  • Operate within Regulations
The best part about working with you guys is the team atmosphere, the openness and authenticity. What really surprised me was the creative thinking and innovation you contributed to the product itself. You were thinking about my stuff when you were not on the clock and this was amazing. My biggest fear was budget overruns and project delays. I realised that good communication and transparency before problems occur are the keys to success and the Webscope model of how you manage, communicate and organise your team, work processes ensured this never happened. Justin Wright - CEO

Project domains

  • CMS
  • Web Application
  • Native App
  • Business System

Services provided

  • Business goals
  • Success metrics
  • Personas
  • User Stories
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Minimum viable product

Tools used

  • Drupal
  • Bootstrap
  • Salesforce API
  • Third party APIs

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