Introducing The Innovation Business

At Webscope we pride ourselves on our strategy work. It is what we’re good at and a service we provide to all our clients. Part of our messaging is that a business should always be looking to improve and innovate - whether they are a market leader or a newly established company. And that includes us, as innovation is not just confined to our clients but also a strategy we conduct on ourselves.

It’s a growing theme in NZ that software companies provide clients with digital development as well as digital strategy services. Although this is a useful combination, it is also one where the lines can be blurred with features rather than actual strategy. We’ve worked hard to keep these two distinctions separate, however it has become clear that to keep progressing, to keep a clear divide between digital strategy and development and to keep innovating we need to offer strategy work as consultancy.

So we created The Innovation Business.

The Innovation Business is a consulting business focussed on innovative business strategy - which is not necessarily just digital. By leveraging our expertise from our experiences at Webscope, we help businesses think outside themselves i.e. talking to their customers, whose opinion is key to growing and sustaining a business. We are also the voice outside the business, so we are someone who can advocate for the customer and imagine what a business could be, not just what it is today.

From Webscope to the Innovation Business, our journey and culture of innovation is already there to see. We like to say that we are thinkers, doers, and listeners that convert experience, invention and insight into opportunities for growth. But this idea of innovation can be an intimidating one, there is always a lack of time, a lack of manpower, a lack of expertise, or even a lack of stakeholder buy in. That is why we are there, so businesses don’t have to do it all on their own.

And what are the real world benefits of innovation?

For many business leaders, the thought of a smaller, more agile competitor using digital technology to bring a product to market faster, cheaper, and in greater volume is a very real concern. And it should be. History has proven time and again that companies that fail to get digital are losing market share to more tech savvy competitors. These digital businesses are not just performing better and delivering more, they’re reinventing entire industries and creating unbeatable promises for their highly loyal customers.

We are kicking off the Innovation Business with an Innovation Workshop on the 9th of March. It is an interactive full day masterclass to learn how design-thinking and digital technology can be used to improve your business. You’ll learn what it means to be digital and how strategic use of technology can solve the critical issues facing your business. You'll also learn how to scope and run a digital project through to successful completion and a return on investment.

If you would like to attend our Full Day Masterclass you can purchase tickets here (please note that each ticket requires a minimum of 3 people per business)

The essence of the Innovation Business is about discovering a real problem people experience and solving it in an original way with technology or processes. It involves truly understanding the people you are trying to help, and creating an unbeatable experience that helps them achieve their goal. And that is a promise we love to keep.

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