It's a culture thing!

Company culture is a funny thing and hard to define in simple terms.  It pervades all aspects of the company, from how you engage with clients to how you communicate day to day with each other - there's no getting away from it. Bad company culture can be toxic and on the other side of the coin, a good company culture will attract the best people.

Everyone is creative in their own way with a mix of working styles, finding a way to harness that creativity and make it work positively needn't be hard. No one wants to be forced to work in a way that's ‘not them’. They want to keep their individuality and enjoy achieving day to day.

We’ve got a pretty agile team at Webscope, intelligent and adaptable to almost any situation that arises. We listen to ideas and suggestions, whether it's an improvement to how our automated test suite works or where to go for the next social (Please not Spookers!!). These ideas shape the workday for everyone, increasing enjoyment and increasing productivity. It keeps things interesting and keeps people motivated, motivated to learn, motivated to develop, motivated to not sit there and wait for the next job to fall onto their desk. We always keep in mind that work is not the be all or end all of a person's day and the encouragement to pursue interests both during and after work is actively promoted by the whole team.

Here's just a few things that we do to make Webscope a better place to work.

A change to our hosting - Running your own servers can be an unwanted overhead, our move to Pantheon hosting was a simple one. It made us all more efficient and increased our happiness. It meant that time could be put to use in other areas.

Remote working - Two days a week working from home, less time commuting more time with the family.

NO weekend emails - The weekend is a break from work. Take that break. If you’re tied to your smartphone, put it down for a couple of days. In almost all cases emails can wait for Monday morning.

Webscope unPro Cycling - Mixing business, health and just a touch of marketing. When I was consumed by the need to constantly be pushing the pedals, I wanted to promote cycling both inside and outside business hours. We now have 4 riders actively competing in events in the North Island. Keep an eye out for us on the roads!

A social director - Appointing a social director means it's someones' job to keep a look out for fun things to do or action ideas people have. Many times it's finding the time to organise these things that stops them from going ahead. And besides, when the beer runs out you've got someone to blame!

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