Meetup update: Drupal 7 Case studies

As work ended and the sun set on another Auckland work day, a fantastic group of Drupalers descended on Webscope HQ for an evening of case studies and conversation

The new backdrop of Level 5 48 Emily Place was an excellent venue with enough room to swing a cat or do a few laps of the floor.

First to take the stage was Michael Kudenko. Michael did a great job, taking his audience on the rollercoaster ride that is a custom Drupal development job. His presentation rolled from the highs of nailing low level custom functionality, through to that joy when the client says 'Right, I want to introduce some more complexity'. Michael explained how by using Drupal Commerce  and its built in customisable features, he was able to accommodate any problem thrown at him by the customer, and the results were plain to see. The demo of the system at the end proved that he's delivered a truly awesome system to the client. Well done Michael.. and thanks for supplying the beer!



Second up was Tim Gummer. A brand and design man at the core. Tim took the group down a different track with the trials and tribulations that beset most brand and web designers in the production of a well branded website. Tim and his team's print software, built upon Drupal 6, showed a great deal of patience and hard work, both for it's accuracy and size!



It was a great turn out and real respect to Bevan Rudge for re-igniting the Drupal meetup fire. His drive to get things back up a running in Auckland is a bonus for every Drupal developer.

Some mentions and opportunities of note. Tim Gummer is wanting to bring together some like minded individuals to discuss the use of SASS and Compass and it's implementations with a theme (my apologise it has slipped my mind of what it was called). I won't push out contacts here but feel free to ping him through meetup.com.

Mobile and tablet is the focus of the next meetup so be sure to come along and learn something new.

Also a big welcome to the newbies who came along. I spoke to Tom Frith and Stephanie, hope you guys had a good time. Tom's new to Auckland so if you come across any Drupal dev jobs out there, give him a shout.

Big thanks again to one and all who attended. We'll be doing a chip-in next time for Pizza and drinks so be sure to look out on meetup.com/drupalnz.

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