Webscope in the running for Deloittes fast 50 2015

The Deloittes fast 50 is a voluntary competition that ranks the fastest 50 growing companies in New Zealand and is in it’s 15th year.

Webscope has been entered and are good contenders to make the final 50 with growth of 200% over a 12 month period in the 14/15 financial year.

The winners are announced next week on the 30th of September and if we make it, we’ll be in the history books alongside some of New Zealand's most successful companies such as Xero, 42Below and TradeMe. Last year was won by Voyager Internet which was started by Seeby Woodhouse a serial entrepreneur who also founded Orcon. Voyager won after achieving growth of 1391% - which is bonkers!

Even if we don’t quite scrap in this time round, we feel that proud that we were accepted and are in the running. 

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Meeting for a coffee has been the starting point of many of the world's greatest ideas. Originating in England during the 17th and 18th centuries, coffee houses were places where people would meet for conversation and commerce. New Zealanders with their die hard relationship with the Flat White (slightly contentous whether Ozzy or NZ came up with the flat white first... ) find it very difficult to turn down the offer of a free coffee.
Webscope achieved a very pleasing milestone, making it onto the Deloitte NZ Fast 50 index. It’s a voluntary list of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand and has been running for 15 years.Over the past three years we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of New Zealand’s leading companies and organisations as well as a number of successful projects in Europe and Australia.
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